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Rt. Rev. Paul Moses Samson Naimanhye Awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Zoe Life Theological College – USA

By Rev. David Munobwa

It was all joy and excitement in Busoga Diocese and specifically in the home of Bishop Paul Naimanhye as he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity by Zoe Life Theological College – USA. The colorful graduation ceremony took place on February 21, 2023, at Sharon Hotel Kampala. Zoe Life Theological College recognized Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Moses Samson Naimanhye for his dedicated service to God and the people of Busoga Diocese, and so awarded him an honorary Doctorate of Divinity.

The fact sheet upon which Zoe Life Theology College considered awarding Dr. Naimanhye has several worthwhile accomplishments in ministry and social services attributed to Bishop Paul Naimnahye. The achievements are in the categories of Evangelism and discipleship; Revamping standards of Church founded traditional schools; Mentorship, training, and career guidance for Clergy; Community development initiatives; Improving household incomes for clergy and other Christians, and Pension scheme for Church Ministers.

Evangelism and discipleship

Since he assumed office as Diocesan Bishop of Busoga and even prior to that, Bishop Paul Naimanhye relentlessly participated in the spread of the living gospel of repentance and salvation throughout the Diocese. The annual Diocesan conferences and/or crusades, and Mega Overnight Prayers, where national and even international speakers are invited have made things turn around. The numbers of Christians who have in turn given in their lives to Christ are in scores.  This passion and zeal have been spread throughout Busoga Diocese.

Revamping standards of Church founded traditional schools

It is on record that as Diocesan Bishop, Bishop Naimanhye spearheaded a campaign encouraging Christians from the Diocese to take their children to the Church-founded traditional schools that had hitherto declined in performance. Such schools include; Busoga College Mwiri, Mwiri Primary School, among others. It can be testified that right now those schools have regained one-time lost glory and are back on track. Buso College Mwiri produced one the best candidates in the country in 2021, scoring aggregates 8 in the best 8 subjects, the highest score that can be registered at UCE. They have since not only improved the number of students passing in division one but also the quality of grades.

Mentorship, training, and career guidance for Clergy

 Since he took over as Bishop of Busoga Diocese, Bishop Paul Naimanhye has supported a number of people to train as Priests. Through his pastoral ministry, he has mentored, educated, and spiritually fathered many youths. Many of them were at crossroads but through his hands and support, they are largely successful and able to help their families. Community Development Initiatives

In 2022, I was at the frontline of starting the Ladders Connection Foundation and it is duly registered as a Non-Governmental Organization as per Reg. No. 80020003530574. The organization is located at Buwekula, Northern Division in Jinja City. It however has branches in all 11 districts in the Busoga sub-region. The areas of focus for the organization include; Community mobilization and mindset change, empowerment of youth and women, and addressing teenage pregnancy and environmental stewardship. It is envisaged that the Ladders Connection Foundation will immensely change the mindset of the youths so that they can engage in starting up various projects (skilling). Furthermore, the Ladders Connection Foundation is desirous of promoting the conservation of the environment by educating the people about their right to the environment and how useful it is to humanity. Initiating tree-growing programs, proper disposal, and use of waste management will be some of the key activities that will be implemented by the youths.

Improving Household Incomes for Clergy and Other Christians

I took the initiative to organize all the clergy in Busoga Diocese as well as other Christians to join together and established one vibrant Diocesan SACCO registered as Busoga Diocese SACCO. The aim of establishing this SACCO is to provide mechanisms for saving and inter loaning schemes to foster development and economic emancipation among the Christians of Busoga Diocese.

Pension scheme for clergy

In the history of Busoga Diocese, no attempt had ever been taken to offer any take-home package for Lay Readers upon attainment of their mandatory retirement age. This always resulted in misery and irreparable stress to the retiring “foot soldiers” of the church and their immediate families. Cognizant of the services rendered to the communities and the church, Bishop Naimanhye established a retirement pension scheme whereof every retiring clergy and Lay Reader is given some package to enable him/her to settle honorably in their retirement.

The doctorate comes as an inspiration to the Christians of Busoga Diocese and the Church at large. It is a testimony that as one serves God in humility, diligence, and faithfulness, there are those who watch from afar and through them, God can reward His servants.

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