Monday - Sunday From 8 AM to 5PM
Bugembe Cathedral Jinja


Head of department

Rev. Joseph Kintu
Married to Elizabeth Kintu, with 4 children.
He holds a Diploma in Secondary Education and Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity of
Uganda Christian University.
He was ordained Deacon on 25 th /08/2013 and Priested in November 2013.

Core mandate of the department
  • Promoting Christian values in church founded schools.
  • Improving academic performance in our schools.
  • Producing reliable professionals to serve the Lord in different fields of calling.
Approach used to execute the mandate
  • Influencing posting of Christian Head teachers.
  • Supervising schools and ensuring presence of the church in our schools.
  • Posting chaplains in our schools to promote Christian values.
Core objectives
  • To produce a Christian modelled servants.
  • To maintain the presence of the church in schools.
  • To preach the gospel in schools.
Running activities
  • Chaplaincy programs.
  • Pilgrim activities to Kyando.
  • High school Mega Move.
Annual targets this year
  • Head teachers prayer day.
  • Schools’ pilgrimage day to Bishop Hannington memorial site at Kyando.
  • School supervision.
Achievements for the last three years
  • Church involvement in identifying Head teachers for the church founded schools.
  • Supervision of schools.
  • Successful Head teachers’ prayer day.
  • Schools’ pilgrimage day to Kyando.
Departmental slogan

Soaring to great heights in our schools

Scope of coverage

10 archdeaconries with about 40 secondary schools and about 300 Primary schools